Providing human resource solutions to clients is the priority of Davis-Smith. Our dedication to quality service and ethical business practices has permitted Davis-Smith to be the leader in the contingent human resource industry. By identifying the needs of our clients and providing solutions to the human resource problems that persist, we have supported hundreds of businesses including healthcare practices and their affiliates.

Temporary Staffing
Davis-Smith provides qualified candidates on a temporary basis. Every employee is covered by unemployment insurance, malpractice insurance, worker’s compensation insurance and are bonded. Each is thoroughly referenced, credentialed and professionally screened against your criteria to ensure a quality match.

Temporary to Permanent
Temp to Perm is a viable solution to cost effectively recruit permanent staff. By using this solution you are able to ‘try before you buy’ potential candidates. After you select a candidate from us, they work at your facility as a temporary employee while on our payroll. You are then able to evaluate the employee over a period of time to determine if they are a good fit for your practice before you hire them. This¬†no obligation¬†alternative increases your potential of securing a long-term employee.

Master Vendor Solution
The Master Vendor Solution takes the Human Resource Department out of your hands. You outsource a portion or all of your staff to us, we then assume control of those staff by handling all HR functions including; hiring, firing, payroll, benefits, insurances and assumed liability coverage. On site management may also be available depending on your needs.

Direct Hire
Davis-Smith provides prescreened, referenced candidates who match your specific job classification. We coordinate the interview allowing you to make a quick hiring decision. A fee is paid on the date of hire and each hire is guaranteed for 90 days or the fee is refunded.

Payroll Service/Employee Leasing
Davis-Smith can accommodate varying levels of payroll services. You may transfer your current employees onto Davis-Smith payroll. We will cover all employees with required benefits. This may include insurances, payroll taxes, BCBSM health insurance, 401(k) plan and provide weekly paychecks.

You may also choose to find employees on your own, who are placed on Davis-Smith payroll, either indefinitely or for a predetermined time